Owning a Risk-free Land in Ghana can be possible if critical conscious steps are taken.

Buying a land without value for money has been the order of the day in the recent times past.

Gone were the days when individuals by word of Mouth, attempt to secure a land & even go ahead to make payments, all with the hopes of owning what they actually pay for without suffering any risks.

The statistics in recent times has proven to be more drastic; with the rise in land litigations and its associated unresolved future problems.

Several people have reportedly fallen victim to a ‘false-purchase’ of what they perceived to exist but in actual sense does not.

It is very possible to be counted outside of the negative statistics regardless.

Here are some helpful tips for consideration if you must buy a risk-free land, especially in Ghana.

  • Talk to A Trusted Agent

More often than not, potential buyers find themselves dealing with the wrong people.

It is usually better to confide with a registered and well recognized agent / trusted property management firm. (eg. Filz Property Services).

Unlike some lay / unprofessional individuals, there is always an indebtedness on these licensed agencies to ensure a smooth transaction & they can always be held liable throughout the process.

  • Peruse through the listings before placing your order.

Having contacted your trusted licensed agency, check out the readily available properties listed for sale on their published sites.

Many a times, their various listings may include but not limited to a variety of properties ranging from Houses/apartments, commercial spaces, Lands and what have you…

Different agents have different levels of relationships with the various owners- including individuals, kings and families. The most eligible Property owners & potential buyers would opt to deal with professionals when it comes to property listing.

It is often easy to predict and measure an agent’s authenticity and professionalism using their property listings as metric measure.

 Check out some trending listings on  www.fpslistings.com

Making Choices & Finding Options.

You are at best to choose, only when you have a number of options to choose from.

The varying options may include;

  • Land size,

  • Location,

  • Documentation

  • Price,

  • Land type /usage features (service plots for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial purposes etc.)

  • Purchase mode [Free hold / Lease hold]

  • Payment Plans if any


  • Make Time to View Your Choice Land.

It is always necessary to invest in touring around land sites.

In rare cases, you may send a competent delegate to do so on your behalf.



  • Conduct The Validation Checks.

With the help of your facilitating agent, conduct all the necessary checks to ensure the land is valid for lease, before making any settlements in cash.

It is very wrong to make payment for a land just by inspection / mere sight of its Documents.

Section 22 of the Ghana Lands Commission Acts (ACTS 767) projects the mechanism for valuating a land ; https://www.lc.gov.gh/land-valuation-division/


  • Request for A Contract of Sale Prior to the Purchase.

It is better to play safe whatever be the case.

Consideration payments for Lands should only be made after all the above have been certified.

For maximum safety, a potential buyer should request for the right endorsements in a legal document. They may resort to a simple memorandum of understanding that appends the signatures of all stake holders; the lessor, lessee & their respective agents.


  • Make arrangement for payment

After successfully running through all the processes above, you are 98% percent safe to own a land. Go ahead with the necessary payments and secure your land.

You may start working right away or alternately, generate clear borders (temporarily fencing) to properly demarcate your portion.



Scripted by: Blessed-Christy – Realtor, Filz  Property Services.