About us

Our company

Filz Property Services seeks to bridge the gap between property owners and seekers who want to buy or rent property. We operate a full service listing, selling and buying of property and land. We also broker for artisan services where clients will need qualified and certified people who will take care of certain jobs at their homes and offices. Services include carpentry, tiling, painting, cleaning, electrician services, welding, aluminum glass works, etc. Our Company provides a comprehensive renting, leasing, selling/ buying and maintenance service for all residential, commercial property and lands in Accra. In addition, we provide an interactive online platform where property owners put up their property and seekers search for their preference. We serve as an agent for our clients and on their behalf, negotiate with interested parties with due diligence and in due process as per the policies and status quo of the Company. The company also advises its clients on property acquisition and sale based on the market value offer while putting in place security measures to avoid acquiring properties in dispute.

Our Vision

The vision of Filz Property Services is to achieve an excellent standard in real estate development through commitment, innovation and consistency to our clients while establishing our Company as the preferred real estate brokerage company in the industry.

Our Mission

Filz Property Services is passionate about taking its business to the next level hence we take a tremendous amount of pride in what we do. We personally assist our clients in the buying, renting or selling process. This spirit permeates throughout our Company as our clients embark on making one of the biggest financial commitments of their lives. Our team is hands on and focused to ensure no detail is missed. The philosophy of Filz Property Services is to provide our clients with state of the art buyer/seller tools while rendering the absolute best customer service available in the industry.

Our Objectives

• To provide an equal opportunity for every individual in the quest of a home or property. • Achieve the number one ranking in the City’s real estate search and sale. • Create a comprehensive and interactive platform for the users of Brokers Hub webpage and software application (App). • Create a safe and conducive environment for our clients (buyers and sellers).

Our Team

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House-Mate Matching:

  • House-Mate Matching: At Filz, we offer you an ideal opportunity to shred off some excess load of a burdensome rent. We create an avenue for you to meet that suitable match for your home/ apartment by splitting your rent while sharing the space.